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Post  Malafa on Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:19 am

Character name: Malafay

Character class: Mage

Real life age and location: I'm 17 years and live in Denmark

Do you have a working mic and talk in raids?: Yes

Friends in guild: None

Which days can you raid from 8pm-11pm on?: Almost everyday.

What's your greatest PvE accomplishment: I really don't know, I have done alot. Maybe down Illidan.

Rep with CE, HH, LC, Shatar, Scryer/Aldor, Consortium and VE: CE - Exalted, HH - Exalted, LC - Exalted, Sha'tar - Exalted, Aldor - Reverded, Consortium - Reverded, VE - Reverded

Link to armoury profile: I know this is a must! But I REALLY can't find my profile on armory. Try look for your self! :O But you can check my gear in-game.

Character spec and reasons for this spec: I can play all spec's, but prefer Fire or Frost, since i'm pretty good at those spec's

Professions and rare crafts: Alchemy - 375 and Tailoring - 375, No rare crafts. Sad

Past guilds and reasons for leaving: Overlords, the guild broke up. Sad

What you're looking for from Mesh: Hmm not much, just a good guild. As i KNOW Mesh are.


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