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Thorobrim paladin healer Empty Thorobrim paladin healer

Post  Duridel on Tue May 20, 2008 12:43 am

Character name:Thorobrim

Character class:Paladin

Real life age and location:14, Horsham, UK

Do you have a working mic and talk in raids?: Yes i do talk alot, in my last guild ( on hakkar i lead some raids so have to speak alot, most of em arnt the brightest of sparks shall we say for now Razz

Friends in guild: Duridel ( my brother, yes i know-how havnt i commited suicide yet hehe Smile

Which days can you raid from 8pm-11pm on?: Generally most evenings, however some saturdays i wont be able to make it, and the odd day here and there but i will alert you well in advance

What's your greatest PvE accomplishment: Started a guild raiding Karazhan

Rep with CE, HH, LC, Shatar, Scryer/Aldor, Consortium and VE: rev, rev, honoured, rev, honoured, friendly, revered

Link to armoury profile::

Character spec and reasons for this spec: Holy because the world and its mother hates Retadins, and my bro MADE me go holy. I also have quick fingers so can heal a group nice n easy

Professions and rare crafts: Engineering and mining- stabalized eternium scope

Past guilds and reasons for leaving: Flipside (Hakkar). I havent left yet however i have been considering leaving it ever since we started raiding, however my bro told me to gather some gear and some experience as a raider before i came here or applied, so here i am. Im not the sort of person who jumps around in guilds, been bloody stuck in this guild for to long haha Smile so look forward to ya comments

Duri's word: Firstly, Ataraxi -be nice Razz hahah second of all just saying i wud say hes a bloody good healer, hes been stuck with sum reli shit healers, and nearly had to solo heal alot of kara bosses, so me personally i would say hes ready for this guild, all he needs is a bit of gear to stick him up with the best of you guys, a few weeks of ZA and grull etc or even SSC if he gets the invites and he wil be in tip top shape. Plus ill be on his back so he wil know all the fights and all the random details that are needed to raid properly Smile

What you're looking for from Mesh: A proper raiding guild and some good times with you guys, heard Duri laughing it up all the time with you guys so im looking for that aswell Smile and ofc some downing of new bosses Smile

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Thorobrim paladin healer Empty Re: Thorobrim paladin healer

Post  Ebonz on Tue May 20, 2008 8:26 pm

your on the wrong site :p

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